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Friday Institute Director of Strategic Initiatives, PEER Group Director Callie Edwards Joins BRIDGES Academic Leadership Program

Callie Edwards headshot

Callie Womble Edwards, director of strategic initiatives and director of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation’s Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) Group, has been chosen for UNC-Chapel Hill Digital and Lifelong Learning’s BRIDGES Academic Leadership Program

BRIDGES is a highly inclusive professional development program dedicated to “supporting cisgender or transgender women and nonbinary colleagues in higher education who are seeking to gain or strengthen their academic leadership capabilities.” It also supports individuals who are committed to advancing women and gender issues and equity within the academy. The program is designed to help participants “identify, understand, and build their leadership roles in academia.”

“I’m honored to be a part of the BRIDGES Academic Leadership Program;  this opportunity is not only a significant milestone in my professional development but also a testament to our institute’s commitment to equity-mindedness and leadership in higher education,” said Edwards. “Leadership training is essential for a healthy and thriving organization, and I am eager to learn and grow as I lead. I look forward to gaining valuable insights and skills that will empower me to further support and advocate for gender equity within the academic community. My hope is that through this program, I can contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable environment for all my colleagues, particularly those who are underrepresented.”

Through this intensive program, participants will:

  • develop insights into leadership, with a particular focus on the special skills and attributes unique to leadership roles
  • acquire an understanding of the many facets of colleges and universities
  • build strategic negotiation skills, and
  • create a program of personal and professional development to benefit themselves and their institutions.

Beginning in September, this year’s 40-person cohort will participate in the program with the theme “Leading in a Time of Transformation.” According to the program website, transformational leadership, sometimes called “visionary leadership,” is a concept with a rich literature of theory and implementation studies.