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James Robinson

Sr. Systems Architect

Friday Institute 127A


Date: 03/01/20 - 2/29/24
Amount: $5,999,799.00
Funding Agencies: US Dept. of Labor (DOL)

The NC Apprenticeships for Innovation: A.I. Program application will be submitted to the Department of Labor’s Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gap funding opportunity due September 24, 2019. The goal of the NCAI four-year program is to support 5,000 current NC residents, DoD STEM program participants, and DoD veterans to participate in a multiple year paid apprenticeship program while completing a college coursework and certification to work A.I. The participant group will include current employees in the IT field who are underemployed or are seeking an opportunity to move into a different career (incumbent), underrepresented, and military populations within the state of NC as a primary and specific recruiting topic and across the US as well. The NCAI program will have multiple pathways and prepare participants for AI careers which are in high demand in NC as well as nationwide. Our program will include two levels of training and associated certifications: A.I. Level 1 (artificial intelligence and data mining focus), and Level 2 (machine learning and analytics). Each course is structured across ten weeks, with the entire program being completed in less than one calendar year.

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