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A Celebration of Education, Innovation & Inspiration

November 18, 2010 11:30 AM | Posted By: Kylie Cafiero

North Carolina State University honored Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation’s annual Friday Medal Presentation on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education at Stanford University, spoke about, “Transforming Teaching for the 21st Century.” She headed President Barack Obama’s education policy transition team and continues to serve as a policy advisor to the president.

“At the heart of the Friday Institute’s themes are three main ideas: education, innovation and inspiration,” said NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson. “Tonight we have the pleasure to honor someone who believes in all three. Linda Darling-Hammond is not only a leading educational researcher and scholar, but also a passionate advocate for teacher quality and school reform.”

Introducing Dr. Darling Hammond, Hon. James B. Hunt, Jr., Former Governor of North Carolina, said, “Linda Darling-Hammond is the expert on teaching and how to improve it in America. …When Linda Darling-Hammond speaks, America’s teachers listen because she knows what she’s talking about. And, she gives great leadership on making it happen.”

Speakers at the event included Hon. James B. Hunt, Jr., Former Governor of North Carolina; William Friday, President Emeritus, University of North Carolina; Chancellor Randy Woodson, NC State University; Dean M. Jayne Fleener, College of Education; and Dr. Glenn Kleiman, Executive Director, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Special guests at the event: Myra Best, special advisor to the Governor on education and educational innovation and Jim and Ann Goodnight, SAS.



Click Here for video of Dr. Darling-Hammond’s remarks at the Friday Medal Ceremony.

Click Here for Dr. Darling-Hammond’s PowerPoint Presentation.

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