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New Coaching Cadre for NC Digital Leaders Announced

As quickly as technology evolves, schools are charged with the responsibility of facilitating this evolution for their students. Many school districts entrust instructional technologists, coaches, and media coordinators with this responsibility, which can seem impossible without networking and support. To better meet the needs of these change agents, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation is pleased to announce the Digital Leaders Coaches Network (DLCN): A Blended Learning Opportunity for Instructional Technologists, Instructional Coaches and Media Coordinators.

Made possible through a partnership with Project Tomorrow and the North Carolina Technology in Education Society (NCTIES), the DLCN was developed to assist schools and districts in the process of digital learning transitions, and to cultivate local capacity by providing support to those in coaching roles, as coaches are essential to leading and supporting student-centered digital learning and teaching.

“In giving these coaches an opportunity to learn and network with other educators who are in similar roles, we are helping to build a support structure that will ultimately have a positive impact on student learning experiences,” said Nancy Mangum, a research scholar at the Friday Institute and a project lead for DLCN.

The DLCN will bring together a group of passionate and committed education leaders including instructional coaches, media coordinators and instructional technologists from across North Carolina. As a cohort, this network of innovative educators will receive ongoing, job-embedded professional learning opportunities to build their capacity in digital and personalized learning. They will also acquire strategies and knowledge related to best practices in leadership and supporting stakeholders in their schools and districts. January 2015 will serve as the start date for participants.

“The main role of an instructional coach is to inspire and create a platform that invites collaboration, creative thought, and the desire and motivation to become a better educator. A coach has the unique ability to help educators realize their hidden potential, while at
the same time inspiring them to be the best educators they can be,” said Emily Davis, an instructional coach at Beaufort County Schools.

This blended learning experience, built on the North Carolina Media Coordinator, Instructional Technology Facilitator & Coaching Evaluation Instruments, will help participants grow as educators, coaches and leaders while assisting them in building strong professional learning networks. The core components of Leadership and Culture, Content and Curriculum, Sustainability and Evaluation, and Being a Connected Educator are woven throughout all components of the DLCN experience.

“I’d like to join this program to collaborate with others across the state so that I can better support teachers and students. I want to share my knowledge and passion with others,” said Erin Wolfhope, a participant from Burke County Schools.

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