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Headshots of Callie Edwards and Erin Huggins

Sep 13, 2023

Friday Institute Team Will Support Evaluation of Juntos’ $7.8 Million Grant to Improve Latinx Representation in STEM and Postsecondary Education

The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation will be supporting the evaluation of a $7.8 million grant to improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) participation, persistence and career readiness with… 

Mar 30, 2023

5 Questions with…Lindsay Hann on the Best Opportunity to Pursue Educational Research

NC State senior Lindsay Hann found her passion for educational research as a Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) intern at the Friday Institute. 

Mar 29, 2023

Collaborative Team at Friday Institute, College of Education to Assess ATR Program Impact on Teaching and Learning in North Carolina with New NCDPI Grant

A recently funded one-year, $249,909 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) grant will allow a collaborative team from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and the NC State College of Education to assess the impact of the teacher compensation models and advanced teaching roles (ATR) program on teaching and learning in North Carolina. 

Nov 17, 2022

WUNC: A Popular Teacher Mentoring Program is Packaged in a Controversial Pay Plan

Education researchers at the Friday Institute were tasked with evaluating the advanced teaching roles pilot program, which policymakers are now working to expand across North Carolina public schools. 

Nov 7, 2022

PEER Group Acting Director Callie Edwards Aims to Grow and Diversify the STEM Workforce with New NSF Grant

A recently funded three-year, NSF grant will allow Callie Edwards, acting director of the Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) Group at the Friday Institute, to help investigate strategies aimed at improving the outcomes of undergraduate Black or African American men in entry-level mathematics courses in an effort to grow and diversify the STEM workforce. 

May 10, 2022

Through a Mutually-Beneficial Model, the Friday Institute PEER Group is Making Space for Historically Marginalized Students in Education Research and Evaluation

In 2020, the PEER Group launched an internship program for undergraduate students that allowed student interns to receive training in leadership, educational research and evaluation techniques while contributing to PEER Group projects. 

Feb 23, 2022

Friday Institute Team will “Go Deeper” with New Oak Foundation Grant to Continue to Help Educators Build Capacity in Learning Differences

For the last seven years, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation has offered a range of online professional development experiences that focus on learning differences, social and emotional learning (SEL)… 

Feb 1, 2022

Friday Institute Partners with The ASSISTments Foundation on Award-Winning Grant to Scale and Expand Tutoring Technology for Pandemic Recovery

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded an $8 million grant to a partnership team from the Friday Institute, The ASSISTments Foundation, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and WestEd to support learning acceleration and recovery from COVID-related learning-loss among K-12 students. 

Jan 27, 2022

Friday Institute’s Williams, Edwards Continue Work in Educational Equity Through STEM-Focused Grant-Funded Project

A research team from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and NC State Wilson College of Textiles aim to provide meaningful STEM enrichment opportunities for under-represented students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with a three-year, $178,132 Burroughs Wellcome grant. 

Oct 5, 2021

Team of Researchers, Evaluators to Aid Science Teachers in Incorporating Environmental Health Issues into Teaching

The National Institute of Health Sciences has given a Science Education Partnership Award to a cross-sector team of researchers and evaluators that aims to improve teachers’ content knowledge and teaching strategies to integrate emerging environmental health issues into STEM instruction.