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Our Mission

Advancing K-12 education through innovation in teaching, learning and leadership, we bring together students, teachers, researchers, policymakers and educational professionals to foster collaborations that improve education for all learners.

Friday Institute Plays Key Role in NC’s K-12 Cybersecurity Program

The Friday Institute, in partnership with NCDPI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), hosted more than 75 technology and business team members from 14 public school districts throughout North Carolina for a tabletop exercise to prepare participants for future cyber incidents in their schools.

Two participants sit at a table in a room filled with people at various tables. They are talking to each other over laptops and papers at their table.


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When I think of the Friday Institute, I think of support, partnership, collaboration, innovation. When I’m in a box and I need thought leadership on any of those areas, my first turn is to the Friday Institute.

Image of Anthony Jackson

Dr. Anthony Jackson

Superintendent, Chatham County Schools

Computer Science Professional Development

The Friday Institute partners with educational leaders and policy makers from the school to national level to create opportunities for ALL students in North Carolina to explore computer science.

The Friday Institute convenes and connects stakeholders to catalyze change and innovation in education. See below for the resources we provide to the groups we serve and partner with.

AI Learning Lab

The AI with the Friday Institute’s AI Learning Lab aims to create a network of educators utilizing AI who are willing to provide their expertise, experiences and/or artifacts for the benefit of their education peers and evidence of their digital leadership.