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Friday Institute to develop the NC Digital Learning Plan for K-12 Education

June 11, 2014 – The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University has received a State contract to work with the Department of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education, policymakers, educators, business leaders and other stakeholders to develop the North Carolina Digital Learning Plan. The charge for the plan is comprehensive, with the contract scope of work specifying:

DLPlogo“The digital transition defined in Session Law 2013-12 will require changes in instructional practices, new types of educational resources, changes in classroom and school management, revised school staffing models, enhanced school and district technology infrastructure, Internet connected devices for all students and teachers, and educator training and support tailored to specific district and charter deployments. In short, the digital transition will require comprehensive planning.”

To begin the planning process, the Friday Institute has just released a Policy Brief that sets the stage for the overall effort to guide North Carolina in providing the personalized digital-age education K-12 students need to be successful in college, in careers, and as productive citizens. Along with background and questions to be addressed in the Digital Learning Plan, the Policy Brief contains a table summarizing the differences between traditional schooling and digital-age learning, along with a timeline for the project, with major reports due in May and August 2015.

“The transition to digital learning is already well underway in North Carolina,” said Glenn Kleiman, Executive Director of the Friday Institute. “The State has already made major commitments to technology infrastructure, the NC Virtual Public School, the Home Base system, and professional development for teachers and administrators. Recent legislation sets an ambitious course for the State to accelerate progress. In addition, many schools and districts have initiated their own innovative digital learning programs. The Digital Learning Plan will build upon this foundation to create a coherent long-term strategy that supports local innovation, provides resources, and removes barriers, so that students throughout North Carolina can benefit fully from digital content and tools.”

In addition to Dr. Kleiman, leadership from the Friday Institute will include Jeni Corn, Director of Evaluation Programs; Phil Emer, Director of Technology Planning and Policy; and Mary Ann Wolf, Director of Digital Learning Programs. With additional Friday Institute staff playing key roles, the team brings together the expertise required to address the educational, technical, policy and financial requirements of a successful plan.

The Policy Brief, future deliverables and other information relevant to the NC Digital Learning Plan will be available at Inquiries and recommendations about the plan can be submitted to the Friday Institute by email to

For more information, please contact FI Communications.