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Online Professional Learning for Educators Now Open for Fall Registration

Free high-quality online courses for educators are now open for registration for the fall 2019 session, which starts on October 1. The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation is offering three courses this fall that cover a variety of topics, including a new course focused on social and emotional learning (SEL).

Every course is designed with educators in mind. Courses are self-directed, peer-supported, project-based and allow for blended learning opportunities. They are flexible and can be accessed at any time, in any place and on any device. Watch this short video to learn more about the Friday Institute’s online professional learning experience.

Enroll now for the following courses:

Build your own foundational understanding with this course of how social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are essential to student learning. You will also see examples of how others are teaching these skills, learn strategies to apply to your classroom, and share ideas with colleagues in your school, community and around the globe. Register here

This course will help you more effectively prepare your students in grades K–3 with the skills they need to become successful readers. Teaching Foundational Reading Skills is organized around the recommendations of the Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade Practice Guide, published in July 2016 by the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse. This Practice Guide, developed by a panel of expert researchers and practitioners, provides educators with specific, research-based recommendations for effective teaching practices. It focuses on the foundational skills that enable students to read words, relate those words to their oral language, and read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to understand what they read. Register here

Previously called Computational Thinking, this digital-age problem solving course teaches participants how to use technology and data to create real solutions to real problems for real people. During this course, you’ll have the opportunity to dig into computational thinking, design thinking and digital-age problem solving; engage with its core skills and concepts; and learn how to integrate them into your instructional practice. Register here

Can’t wait to get started? These courses are already open:

  • Teaching the Beauty and Joy of Computing Curriculum
    This course provides professional development and support for teachers of the BJC high school computer science curriculum.
    Register here
  • Teaching the Computer Science Discoveries Course
    Teaching the Computer Science Discoveries Course is a deep dive into content to bolster educators’ computer science understanding and the pedagogy underpinning’s Computer Science Discoveries course.
    Register here

More information about each course and our online professional learning for educators can be found at