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Amy Walter

Research Scholar

Friday Institute 215


Meet Amy Walter, a research scholar with the Friday Institute. Amy is a lifelong learner and teacher, and her passion for education is evident in her dedication to creating a future where every teacher is a master of their craft, sparking a love of learning in every student, and driving academic excellence through innovative and dynamic professional development designed and delivered with passion.

Amy’s education journey began with undergraduate degrees from Appalachian State University as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. She then went on to earn her master’s degree in English/Literature from ASU and completed certifications in school administration from UNC Wilmington and teaching exceptional (academically/intellectually gifted) children from UNC Charlotte. Additionally, Amy has an instructional design graduate certificate from NC State and has been a National Board Certified Teacher since 2001.

Amy Walter, currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences with a concentration on Literacy and English Language Arts, is deeply engaged in researching older elementary and middle school students’ foundational literacy and reading comprehension needs; she also works on how generative AI can be used to improve teacher planning and practice. These academic pursuits complement her professional role, where she leverages her extensive knowledge of curriculum and instructional practices to enhance educational outcomes.

Amy brings a practical perspective to her research with a background that includes positions as a classroom teacher, intervention coordinator and instructional facilitator within the Caldwell and Wake County Public School Systems. Her experience in these roles has equipped her with the skills to foster a strong educational culture and ensure high-quality instruction.

Amy is committed to elevating student engagement, dismantling barriers to educational success, and creating inclusive and accessible learning environments. Her work centers on designing instructional strategies and professional development programs that enable all students to excel. She collaborates closely with school leadership teams and educators, guiding them in adopting practices that unlock students’ potential. With this blend of research and practical application positions, Amy strives to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and classroom implementation.