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At-Home Learning Initiative

The At-Home Learning Initiative was created to help solve remote learning gaps across the state, specifically for students who lack access to a stable internet connection. With funds from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) through the CARES Act, the Friday Institute facilitated the creation and implementation of 192 literacy and math lessons for PreK-5 students as part of the remote education initiative. 144 of those lessons for PreK-3 will air on PBS North Carolina (PBS NC), formerly UNC-TV. Reaching over 5.3 million households statewide on free public television, the new Classroom Connection program from PBS NC seeks to fill gaps in access to quality early learning instruction.


Friday Institute Research Associate Marie Himes teaches a math lesson as the math burglar.

All 192 recorded lessons will be available on YouTube for free with accompanying lesson plans and extension activities accessible on GoOpenNCClassroom Connection literacy lessons will be broadcast on PBS NC Tuesday and Friday mornings from 8-10 a.m., starting Feb. 2, and math lessons will join the lineup in March on Monday and Thursday mornings. Lessons will be paired with PBS Kids programs. To view all specific air times for Classroom Connection, visit PBS NC here.

A blonde woman holds up a plush robot toy in front of a white screen

Wolfpack Works Literacy Coach Dawn Holland uses a robot during her lesson to engage students.

The Friday Institute conceptualized the broadcast lesson format in literacy and math, provided ongoing support during lesson development, and recruited and supported accomplished educators to design lessons and extension activities. The Friday Institute Research and Evaluation team, who are separate from the lesson design team, is providing the evaluation of the initiative.

Friday Institute Executive Director Hiller Spires, Ph.D., and her team will conduct research with the initiative’s teacher participants in order to develop a model for broadcast pedagogy that can be introduced into the professional literature.

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Project Team

Dr Hiller A. Spires Dr Hiller A. Spires

Marie Pierson Himes Marie Pierson Himes

Jessica Hunt Jessica Hunt

David Huppert David Huppert

Dr. Angie Mullennix Dr. Angie Mullennix