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Evaluation of the School Connectivity Initiative

The Friday Institute completed several assessments of North Carolina’s progress toward ensuring effective incorporation of technology in K-12 education. These assessments, each provided in a separate report, focus on three interconnected aspects of successful technology incorporation: infrastructure, policy and usage. These reports both described progress to date and provided frameworks and baseline information that will enable us to assess progress in North Carolina in the coming years.

In addition, the team developed and validated a Student Learning Conditions Survey (SLCS), which provided data on middle school and high school student perspectives at the school, LEA and state levels. The SLCS data enabled analyses of changes in student perspectives across years, which helped determine whether technology-enabled initiatives impact students’ views of the learning conditions in their schools.

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Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) Group Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) Group

Project Team

Dr Jenifer O'Sullivan Corn Dr Jenifer O’Sullivan Corn

Dr Trip Stallings Dr Trip Stallings