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Learner Agency Online Professional Learning

Building on years of experience developing online professional development opportunities that focus on learning differences, social and emotional learning (SEL) and learner agency envisioned with feedback and support from educational leaders, equity advocates, researchers and practitioners, the Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative (PLLC) at the Friday Institute has developed three free self-paced online learning modules to help educators and leaders understand learner agency and put it into practice in the classroom:

Foundations of Learner Agency builds foundational understanding of learner agency, how it plays out in the classroom, the conditions that foster learner agency for each and every student, and why learner agency is of particular importance for our students of color and historically marginalized students.

Learner Agency in Practice centers around understanding learner agency as the core of student success and supports participants in creating a learning environment that fosters and empowers every learner. In this module, participants directly apply their understanding of learner agency to their classroom and context and learn more from their students about what they need to engage fully in agency in their classroom.

Leading with Purpose: Learner Agency for Marginalized Students is designed for school and district leaders to increase their foundational knowledge of learner agency and better understand the conditions that foster learner agency for marginalized students. This module is a guide for creating change within a school or district that positively impacts the learning experiences and life opportunities for students from marginalized groups.


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Project Team

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Dr Callie Womble Edwards Dr Callie Womble Edwards

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