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We are deeply involved in bringing competency-based approaches into educator preparation, credentialing and professional development. To further this effort, the Friday Institute has begun developing a series of micro-credentials for teachers, coaches and administrators. These micro-credentials often support and extend the learning opportunities offered in the Courses but can also be earned by educators within or outside of the context of the course.

Micro-credentials are:

  • Self-directed. Teachers can pursue the micro-credentials by participating in a course, through other professional learning activities, or on their own.
  • Job-Embedded. Each of the micro-credentials is directly tied to classroom practice and provides a scaffolded approach to building useful classroom skills.
  • Competency-Based. Micro-credentials must measure an educator’s demonstrated ability to apply specific skills in the classroom context.
  • Research-Based. Micro-credentials are designed around skills that have been thoroughly researched and have a demonstrated import on classroom practice.


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  • Selected Resources

    White Paper – Supporting Learner Variability in the Classroom through Micro-Credentials

    Educators welcome an incredibly diverse set of students into their classrooms daily. Every student brings a unique background, set of experiences, interests, strengths, and challenges. The role of the educator is to understand this variability and account for it while teaching complex curriculum in a way that each student feels supported and successful in school. Accomplishing this is not easy. This is why understanding learner variability is key for educators—it empowers them to make intentional choices designed for each learner.

    Project Team

    Dr Mary Ann Wolf Dr Mary Ann Wolf

    Lauren Acree Lauren Acree

    Alex M. Dreier Alex M. Dreier

    Greg Garner Greg Garner

    Alison Benning Graham Alison Benning Graham

    Dr Hollylynne S. Lee Dr Hollylynne S. Lee

    Dr Gemma Foust Mojica Dr Gemma Foust Mojica

    Dr Mark J Samberg Dr Mark J Samberg