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Multimodal AI Literacy: Supporting the Learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Through Multimodal Narrative Creation

This project takes a first step to investigate how digital literacies practices and the ways youth engage with them may provide meaningful opportunities for them to create and understand AI technologies. This proposed study will advance our knowledge across fields by understanding the nature of students’ interaction with data in building Machine Learning (ML; a subdomain of AI) models for multimodal narratives and effective technological design and instructional strategies that would support student learning in understanding social or scientific phenomenon in AI technologies and developing critical AI literacy skills. Specifically, students will learn the application of AI in different fields from guest speakers and develop different kinds of AI applications for multimodal narratives. First, they will form small groups to create a multimodal narrative that describes a scenario in which students themselves, their family or community members need AI technologies using Microsoft Powerpoint with modes of choices, such as image and sound. For instance, a group can create a narrative in which people with visual impairments conduct grocery shopping with the help of assistive technology using image recognition. Then they will develop AI technologies for the multimodal narrative. Specifically, they will use machinelearningforkids (a web-based platform designed for youth to create ML models that can be integrated into Scratch), Scratch (a visual programming platform for creating stories), and micro: bit (a board that lets users get creative with Scratch) to create AI applications. The project will nurture the growth of students as citizens prepared to engage thoughtfully in consuming, evaluating and designing AI technologies.


  • Friday Institute for Educational Innovation Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • NC State College of Education NC State College of Education
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  • West Johnston High School West Johnston High School
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  • STEM Cyberlearning STEM Cyberlearning
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    Dr Shiyan Jiang Dr Shiyan Jiang

    Bita Akram Bita Akram