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NC Digital Leaders Coaching Network

Grounded in research on effective professional learning, this program provides access to personalized and sustainable opportunities centered around pedagogy and digital learning with a significant emphasis on strategies that allow participants to apply that knowledge to build capacity among educators, administrators and students in the school.

The program is built upon four pillars:

  • Leadership and Culture – Specific areas of focus include leadership, digital citizenship, moral purpose and habits of mind.
  • Content and Curriculum – This includes technology tools, models of innovation and strategies for curriculum design.
  • Sustainability and Evaluation – Strategies will include train-the-trainer models, professional learning networks, walkthroughs and the use of data to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital learning.
  • Connected Educator – Supporting coaches to connect through social media and other opportunities to collaborate with educators from across the country and the world.


  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • Teams

  • North Carolina Digital-Age Learning Initiative North Carolina Digital-Age Learning Initiative
  • Selected Resources

    Case Study – Effective Coaching: Insights From the Field

    Across the state of North Carolina, there are educators whose role goes beyond improving learning experiences for K-12 students, including the teachers of those students. Some educators have titles like Instructional Technology Facilitator or Library Media Coordinator. Some educators have a full slate of classes they teach, using their planning periods to work with their peers and colleagues, while some educators devote their full day to working with teachers, and yet others are somewhere in between. From August to June, their presence is seen and felt on the campuses they serve. These teachers are instructional coaches and they are one of the greatest influencers of change within their respective districts.

    Project Team

    Dr Mark J Samberg Dr Mark J Samberg

    Donna Murray Donna Murray