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NC Quest: The Science Scholars Academy

The goal of the Science Scholars Academy was to enhance teachers’ technological, pedagogical science content knowledge and awareness of cutting-edge scientific research to better prepare their students for STEM courses and careers. Through support from the Science Scholars Academy, 20 middle and high school teachers engaged in a distance education program to enhance their teaching and leadership skills.

Teachers were supported and mentored by peer teachers, science faculty and science education faculty through participation in a highly interactive, online learning community. The goal was to help teachers make positive, long-lasting changes that will lead to enhanced student learning.

This professional development was intended to help meet North Carolina and district goals of developing 21st century professionals and helped the teachers meet their goals for professional development by providing renewal credit for licensure, graduate credit that can lead to a graduate degree, and opportunities to develop artifacts that can lead to National Board Certification.


Innovations in STEM Education Research Innovations in STEM Education Research

Project Team

No Photo Available Dr Meg Blanchard

No Photo Available Dr Herbert A Underwood

Dr Gail Jones Dr Gail Jones