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Headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC, Participate ( builds global education programs that prepare students for success in an interconnected world. For more than 25 years, educators have leveraged Participate’s professional development and curriculum, language acquisition, and teacher exchange programs to generate engaging learning environments where students can excel in core curriculum as well as develop valuable 21st century skills.

The evaluation team at the Friday Institute provides technical support to Participate for the evaluation of their Global Gateway Program. The Global Gateway Program is designed to strengthen K-12 teachers’ attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for building and supporting students’ global competence. The Friday Institute’s current developmental evaluation of the program’s core components fosters an innovative and iterative design process to help program developers and managers assess the effectiveness of the components in increasing teachers’ knowledge capital, changing teachers’ instructional practice and changing teachers’ attitudes towards global competence. A future summative evaluation will examine the extent to which increased knowledge capital, changes in instructional practice, and changes in attitudes impact teacher expertise and leadership, students’ global competencies, school culture and partnerships, and district policy.


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