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Teaching Mathematics with Technology Online Professional Learning Course

Technology is an essential component of today’s workplace and is a ubiquitous component of our society. Technology can be a useful tool to support students’ engagement in and learning of mathematics. Designed for middle and high school pre-service and practicing teachers, this professional development course allows participants to learn, along with colleagues from other schools and around the world, instructional practices that utilize technology to support students’ mathematical learning.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the different affordances of technology to support students’ learning of mathematics.
  • Critically evaluate and use materials for teaching mathematics with technology and make decisions about appropriate and effective use of mathematics technology.
  • Analyze students’ learning and thinking about mathematical ideas when students use technology.
  • Observe students’ work with technology and pose questions that probe and push students’ mathematical thinking.
  • Engage students in productive discourse that focuses on important mathematical ideas when using technology-enhanced mathematics tasks.

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Online Professional Learning Online Professional Learning

Project Team

Dr Karen Flanagan Hollebrands Dr Karen Flanagan Hollebrands

Dr Hollylynne S. Lee Dr Hollylynne S. Lee

Alex M. Dreier Alex M. Dreier

Theresa Gibson Theresa Gibson

Dr. Jennifer N. Lovett Dr. Jennifer N. Lovett

Dr Gemma Foust Mojica Dr Gemma Foust Mojica