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Application Process

The Program Evaluation and Education Research (PEER) Internship Program for Undergraduate Students is a paid work-study opportunity for undergraduate students to learn new research, evaluation and leadership skills. Interns will receive training in educational research and evaluation techniques while contributing to PEER Group projects. Students from historically marginalized communities are encouraged to apply.

Interns will be selected based on their interest in education and developing research and evaluation skills. No prior experience is required. Hours are flexible, and work schedules must be developed in consultation with the intern supervisor. The average hours per week are fluid, as some weeks interns may work up to 10 hours, and other weeks interns may not work any hours. 

Intern Responsibilities

Each intern will work on a variety of research and evaluation tasks, such as:

  • identifying and organizing relevant articles for literature reviews
  • cleaning data and performing data entry 
  • building surveys and online reports in Qualtrics 
  • creating tables and charts 
  • supporting data collection and/or site visit logistics 
  • coordinating focus groups
  • formatting and copy editing memos, reports and presentations
  • website support 

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for questions. 

If your question is not on the page above, please email Dr. Kevin Winn, research associate at the PEER Group and internship program manager, at

2023-2024 PEER Intern Application

Are you eligible for Federal Work-Study?(Required)
Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally-funded, need-based employment program offered during the fall and spring semesters. Students are offered FWS based on financial need, availability of FWS funds and job availability. This program is only available to students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study.
Race/ Ethnicity(Required)
Please check all that apply.
Gender Identity(Required)
Please check all that apply.
Please share the pronouns you would like people to use when talking to you and about you. (Ex.: She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs, Ze/Hir/Hirs, etc.)
Ex.: Kinston, NC (USA), Accra, Ghana, etc.
Academic College (s)(Required)
Please check all that apply.
Please write out the name of your major/minor fully and refrain from using acronyms or abbreviations. (Ex.: Computer Science not “CS” or “CompSci”)
Did you enter NC State…(Required)
Please check all that apply.
Classification for Fall 2023(Required)
Ex.: May 2024, December 2023
Please respond with N/A if you do not anticipate any other on-campus employment for the 2023-2024 academic year.
Did you participate in the PEER Internship Program last year?(Required)
Have you participated in undergraduate research?(Required)
What technologies have you worked with?(Required)
Please check all that apply.
What program evaluation and educational research tasks interest you?(Required)
Please check all that apply.
What program evaluation and educational research tasks do you have experience in?(Required)
Please check all that apply.
Please respond with N/A if you have none.
I understand that being a PEER Intern is a full academic year commitment (2023-2024) and that if selected, I will have to attend all required training and meetings.(Required)