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Technology Infrastructure Lab

The Technology Infrastructure Lab is constantly analyzing new technologies to see where benefits can be realized in the State. By working across multiple organizations including K-12, community colleges, universities, nonprofits, and the State’s Department of Information Technology, the team has a bird’s eye view of many initiatives and can often identify opportunities for collaboration and economies of scale. The TIL is a data-driven organization that mixes staff members with backgrounds in computer engineering, business, education, public policy and analytics. Combined, these skill sets produce solutions that attack problems from various angles with a wide aperture.

K-12 Cybersecurity Program

This program encompasses a multidimensional approach to safeguarding PSUs across North Carolina and their stakeholders from cyber threats and attacks. The Friday Institute plays an instrumental part in the protection, detection and responses for K-12 institutions across North Carolina. We are directly involved in eight distinct work streams that collectively create and support a robust defense against cyber risks, including overall program management engagement and support, cybersecurity awareness, skills training, vulnerability management, asset discovery and identification, incident response, cybersecurity consulting, and identity and access management.

Ipads in a storage box
A student returns a tablet computer to a charging cabinet.

100% of districts in North Carolina 
have unlimited broadband access in classrooms with the help of the Technology Infrastructure Lab.

NC School Connectivity Initiative

The School Connectivity Initiative was the culmination of several years of vision surrounding the 21st century classroom and developing a North Carolina workforce poised to meet the challenge of a global economy.

broadband equipment set up outside on a poll over a farmland
A student returns a tablet computer to a charging cabinet.

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