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Amplifying Teaching and Learning Through Technology

We commit to supporting the ever-changing needs of educators and searching for solutions to the most enduring challenges in education in North Carolina and beyond. The Friday Institute’s scholars, researchers and educational practitioners are uniquely positioned to amplify teaching and learning through innovative technologies and strategies. Leveraging our intellectual and technological capital, we make breakthroughs in education that empower educators to change the world.

AI with the Friday Institute

At the Friday Institute, we are working with educators and educational leaders to leverage AI for deeper learning, support teachers and students in effective uses of AI, ensure equity in how AI is incorporated into education and conduct research on AI integration in instruction. Our recent 4-part webinar series served 562 educator participants.

Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology (PTMT)

In addition to creating high-quality materials, the PTMT project has impacted the professional learning of 250+ mathematics teacher educators, and subsequently, over 6,000 teachers have been prepared with PTMT materials. As of 2019, PTMT materials had reached educators in 35 states and 15 countries.

Over 6,000 teachers

from 35 states

and 15 countries

ZSpace STEM Lab

Using zSpace®, an innovative virtual reality technology, the Friday Institute created and implemented a variety of science lessons in Vance County, North Carolina. By 2020, our Innovations in STEM Education Research team had brought this technology to all 8th graders, about 230 students, at two Vance County schools.

zSpace uses 3D, haptic enabled technology to allow students the opportunity to explore science concepts.

North Carolina School Connectivity Initiative

Created in 2006, the School Connectivity Initiative was the culmination of several years of vision surrounding the 21st century classroom and developing a North Carolina workforce poised to meet the challenge of a global economy. Today, the partnership between the Friday Institute, NC Department of Public Instruction and NC Public School Units continues.

Friday Institute Facilitates Training of 1,1000 Educators to Teach Computer Science in Every Middle and High School in North Carolina

Over the last four years, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) have worked together to support districts in adopting computer science classes in middle school and high school. Since 2017, the Friday Institute has trained over 550 new computer science teachers in introductory computer science courses. Recently, a three-year $1.8 million grant from NCDPI gave the Friday Institute the ability to expand its computer science teacher professional learning program so every middle school and high school in North Carolina has a highly qualified computer science teacher.