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Spring 2023 Online Professional Learning Courses Now Open

Free high-quality online professional learning courses for educators are now open for the spring session. The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation is opening three courses/modules that cover a variety of topics including social and emotional learning, learning differences and math. Seven previously open courses are still available on demand. Educators can construct their own pathways through these personalized experiences and can earn micro-credentials for their learning. All courses are self-directed, peer-supported, project-based and allow for blended learning opportunities. 

Enroll now for the following courses and modules:

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Educators 

The Social and Emotional Learning modules are a set of on-demand, self-paced online learning opportunities that can be taken in any order. They are grounded in the CASEL Framework for Social and Emotional Learning and provide information, resources, strategies and engagement opportunities related to each SEL competency.

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Learning Differences

This course unravels brain science, making it approachable for educators and directly applicable to students and classroom learning. By focusing on executive functions such as attention, memory, task prioritization, organization and planning, this course helps teachers and students understand how strengths and struggles in any of these areas manifest in classroom learning and what strategies support all functions of the brain.

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Teaching Math with Technology

Designed for middle and high school pre-service and practicing teachers, this course allows participants to learn, along with colleagues from other schools and around the world, instructional practices that utilize technology to support students’ mathematical learning.

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