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May 1, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles in Mathematics Learning by Using Video Games

May 1, 2012—Real world application of mathematics concepts leads to understanding and academic success. This environment can be replicated with the use of video games and a ‘learning by doing’… 

Feb 1, 2012

National Digital Learning Day

  February 1, 2012 — Digital Learning Day is a national awareness campaign designed to celebrate innovative teachers and highlight instructional practices that strengthen teaching and personalize learning for all… 

Oct 11, 2011

Want to Read Abraham Lincoln’s Telegrams? There’s an App for That!

October 11, 2011—A new history application for the Apple iPad, Lincoln Telegrams, produced by NC State faculty and graduate students is now available as a free download. The application includes 88… 

Sep 22, 2011

Leaving Lectures Behind: FIZZ

September 22, 2011—Ask students and teachers what they like least about their classes, and you’re likely to get the same answer from both: the lecture. Dr. Lodge McCammon, of the… 

Aug 15, 2011

Using Mobile Devices to Diagnose and Address Mathematics Difficulties

August 15, 2011—The elementary students in the LPP-Sync workshop are extremely certain on what they’ve been working on the past two weeks at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. A… 

Aug 4, 2011

Thinking Locally, Reaching Globally with the New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute

August 4, 2011—Teachers from North Carolina and China attended a collaborative institute that encouraged them to Inquire, Collaborate and Create with innovative inquiry projects that have global significance. The Friday… 

Jul 27, 2011

Educational Technology Rookie? A Novice No More

July 27, 2011—After thirteen years of teaching Rhonda Meadows will be facing a new classroom this year. And no, it’s not just another set of fresh freshmen faces. She will… 

Jun 21, 2011

Find Your Confidence: Teaching Mathematics with Technology

June 21, 2011— Dr. Vivienne Faurot, assistant professor at Utah Valley University, knew she wanted to teach her mathematics education class with technology but was anxious at the thought. Knowing… 

Feb 14, 2011

FIZZ Algebra

February 14, 2011—As mathematics achievement takes the stage nationally, educational researchers are looking to find ways to teach curriculum while helping students attain academic success. At NC State University, one educational… 

Dec 1, 2010

A Public-Private Approach to Improving School Data Networks

In 2006, Education Week gave North Carolina a “D” on its report card for Internet access. The problem was not a lack of world-class Internet resources.