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Learning Differences

The Friday Institute’s Professional Learning and Leadership Collaborative has created a series of learning opportunities designed to build educator capacity to address diverse learning needs across the educational system. We have designed online and blended learning programs for students, teachers, instructional coaches, principals and higher education faculty/staff. Programs include:


Oak Foundation Oak Foundation


Digital Promise Digital Promise

Eye to Eye Eye to Eye

New Teacher Center New Teacher Center

QED Foundation QED Foundation

Teach for All Teach for All

Teach for America Teach for America



Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative

Selected Resources

FI Education Brief – Nine Key Lessons from the Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School Learning Differences Program

This brief highlights nine key lessons from the case study “Becoming Embedded In What We Do” The Implementation and Impact of the Learning Differences Program at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina. In analyzing the data, the Friday Institute found nine key lessons from CCMMS Learning Differences program implementation that may help future schools and districts as they design their implementation strategies, namely:

What’s the Value of a Learning Differences MOOC-Ed?

Massive Online Open Courses for Educators (MOOC-Eds) provide a new form of professional development for educators that balances research-based practices for high-quality professional development with new types of social learning. In this paper we consider the value that educators find through their participation in a Learning Differences MOOC-Ed and examine the design elements of the MOOC-Ed that supported their growth and impact on practice.

Case Study – “A Constant Conversation” The Implementation and Impact of the Learning Differences Program at Manning Elementary School in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

This case study details the implementation and impact of the Learning Differences program at Manning Elementary School (MES) in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Section one provides an overview of the Learning Differences program. Section two describes how the Learning Differences program was implemented at MES and how data were collected. Section three draws on qualitative and quantitative data to illustrate the program’s impact on MES teachers and students. Section four discusses the seven key lessons learned from the implementation process. The authors intend for this case study to be a practical resource that schools and districts can reference as they implement their own learning differences initiatives.

Project Team

Dr Mary Ann Wolf Dr Mary Ann Wolf

Lauren Acree Lauren Acree

Dr Allison Cantor Black-Maier Dr Allison Cantor Black-Maier

Alex M. Dreier Alex M. Dreier

Dr Callie Womble Edwards Dr Callie Womble Edwards

Alison Benning Graham Alison Benning Graham

Brittany Miller Brittany Miller

Dr LaTricia Walker Townsend Dr LaTricia Walker Townsend