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A Leg Up: Educator and Reading and Discussion Guides

To help spread the messages of our student authors, the Literacy and Community Initiative (LCI) created reading and discussion guides for all readers and educator’s guides for teachers. We encourage readers and educators to use these reading guides to learn from our authors.

In A Leg Up, the student authors at CORRAL Riding Academy explore their stories in their first published book. Through writing, the authors have put words to their experiences and shared their reflections on life, community and identity. As they consider these concepts, they demonstrate the power of the written word to transform, heal and inspire.

For students: We recommend reading the book alongside the Reading and Discussion Guide. The book can be found here.

For teachers and educators: We have created guides that offer sample lesson activities, connections to CCCC, and discussion activities that help bring these books into your own classrooms.

A Leg Up: Educator and Reading and Discussion Guides

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Authors and Contributors

Dr Crystal Chen Lee Dr Crystal Chen Lee

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Literacy and Community Initiative (LCI)

A collaboration among NC State’s College of Education, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, and educational community-based organizations to amplify the voices of historically underserved students through literacy learning and publication of student-authored narratives.


June 24, 2020

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