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Educator Learning Opportunities

Dedicated and well-prepared educators and administrators are key to the success of any initiative within a school, from personalized learning to Social and Emotional Learning. Our focus on professional development and learning is geared toward the knowledge and skills necessary for planning and implementing innovative learning initiatives and provides a deeper understanding of the intersection of curricular standards and sound pedagogy through the use of content-specific/appropriate technology tools. The professional development design is customized and tailored to fit critical needs, combining face-to-face and virtual opportunities and allowing participants to experience innovative learning strategies to support their own learning.



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    Case Study – “A Constant Conversation” The Implementation and Impact of the Learning Differences Program at Manning Elementary School in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

    This case study details the implementation and impact of the Learning Differences program at Manning Elementary School (MES) in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Section one provides an overview of the Learning Differences program. Section two describes how the Learning Differences program was implemented at MES and how data were collected. Section three draws on qualitative and quantitative data to illustrate the program’s impact on MES teachers and students. Section four discusses the seven key lessons learned from the implementation process. The authors intend for this case study to be a practical resource that schools and districts can reference as they implement their own learning differences initiatives.

    Project Team

    Emmy L Coleman Emmy L Coleman

    Laura Albrecht Laura Albrecht

    Alex M. Dreier Alex M. Dreier

    Dr Patricia Hilliard Dr Patricia Hilliard

    Brittany Miller Brittany Miller

    Shayla Rexrode Shayla Rexrode

    Jaclyn Bell Stevens Jaclyn Bell Stevens

    Blake F. Wiggs Blake F. Wiggs